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Body Sculpting Services

Simmaculate Health & Wellness, LLC is now DBA Simmaculately Snatched. We are offering non-invasive body sculpting services and package deals.

Body contouring, also known as physique shaping, can help you lose weight, shape your body, and tighten your skin. Lipolysis is a non-surgical procedure involving cold, heat, lasers, and other techniques. Tucks, lifts, and liposuction are surgical alternatives. Surgery involves higher risks and takes longer to recover, but the results are usually more obvious. We cater to those who desire to look good but prefer to skip the surgical route. Because when you look good, you feel good.

The following services are available: lipo cavitation, skin tightening, laser lipo, butt vacuum therapy, and wood therapy. Currently, we are offering body sculpting services in DeKalb County, GA, and the surrounding metro Atlanta areas. Please have a look over the service descriptions and prices below. 

Lipo Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation, commonly known as ultrasonic lipolysis, is a body sculpting procedure that removes fat deposits beneath the skin.

Wood Therapy  

Wood treatment is a forceful massage technique involving wooden, handheld implements like rolling pins and vacuum-suction cups. This technique's proponents say that it can decrease or remove cellulite. Other alleged benefits include improved lymphatic circulation.

Butt Vacuum Therapy 

Butt vacuum therapy is a non-surgical butt-lifting and pumping method that gradually elevates and pumps the buttocks. Without surgery, it enlarges and firms the buttocks. It improves the skin's flexibility. The buttocks are instantly lifted by up to 70%. Enhances venous and lymphatic circulation.

Body Sculpting Services Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Lipo Cavitation


Per Session

Each session is 45 minutes.

Burns fat in areas such as thighs, arms, back, and stomach.

There are no side effects for this procedure.

4 - 6 sessions are highly recommended, although results are usually noticeable after your first session.

It takes 72 hours (3 days) for the fat to burn.

Flat tummy tea and a belly wrap are suggested for faster results.
Maintain a healthy, balanced diet for permanent results.

Do not eat for 2 hours before and after a session. 

2 Sessions - $125

3 Sessions - $185

4 Sessions - $245

5 Sessions - $305

6 Sessions - $365

Butt Vacuum Therapy


Per Session 

Each session is 1 hour. ​
Raises and enhances buttocks.
Tightens, tones, and shapes buttocks.
Results may be permanent.
There are no side effects for this procedure.
Do not eat for 2 hours before or after a session.
Maintain a healthy, balanced diet for permanent results.
6 - 8 sessions are recommended. 

2 Sessions - $145

3 Sessions - $215

4 Sessions - $290

5 Sessions - $360

6 Sessions - $430 

7 Sessions - $500

8 Sessions - $570


Items & Services

Per Session

45-minute Lipo Lipolysis - $40  

Belly Slimming Wrap - $15

5-Day Detox Tea- 10/$25 

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