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This Too Shall Pass: 

Turning Pain Into Power

A Healing Journal for the Woman NeedingEncouragement After a Miscarriage

Journal Description

A miscarriage is lonely, painful, and depressing. In her memoir Becoming (2018), Michelle Obama writes, "If I were to create a file on things no one tells you about until you're right in the middle of them, I might start with miscarriages." When you have experienced one, you will probably think it is a personal failing, but it is not. The agony of a miscarriage is indescribable. I suffered in silence for over ten years because I was afraid of how the world would view me. My pain turned into power when I decided to stop blaming God and began the healing process. The purpose of this healing journal, This Too Shall Pass: Turning Pain Into Power is to provide 7 steps to turning your pain into power after you have experienced pregnancy loss.

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